Day: January 12, 2023

The federal U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC) held a public meeting on Thursday, where members voted to propose an amendment to update sentencing guidelines to suggest that judges treat prior marijuana possession offenses more leniently. As it stands, federal judges are directed to take into account prior convictions, including state-level cannabisContinue Reading

“Food is a second language to me,” begins Derek Upton when asked about how he got his start. “I’m Portuguese-Italian, so I’ve been cooking my whole life.” The acclaimed Phoenix-based cannabis chef spent the first half of his career as a touring professional drummer before making the leap into theContinue Reading

Bipartisan Washington State senators have unveiled a revised bill to legalize psilocybin services for adults. The “Psilocybin Services Wellness and Opportunity Act” was filed by Sen. Jesse Salomon (D) on Wednesday, with 20 cosponsors. It seeks to legalize and regulate the psychedelic for adults 21 and older. An earlier versionContinue Reading

Minnesota lawmakers start down path to legalizing Marijuana Image Cannabis News January 12, 2023 ST. PAUL – The Minnesota Legislature embarked on a path toward legalizing recreational marijuana for adults Wednesday when a legislative committee held the first hearing of the year on a bill that backers say is designedContinue Reading

Where will Connecticut’s Marijuana tax go? Image Cannabis News January 12, 2023 NEW HAVEN – Within seven hours of opening adult-use marijuana sales on Tuesday in Connecticut, the state had already reported that $250,000 worth had been sold. And, because 20% of the price of marijuana is tax, the stateContinue Reading

Recreational cannabis bill advances in Minnesota House Image Cannabis News January 12, 2023 An adult-use cannabis bill clears the first legislative hurdle, passing the House Commerce Committee. ST PAUL – A Minnesota House panel Wednesday gave the green light to this year’s version of the recreational cannabis bill. The CommerceContinue Reading

State legislators consider employment protections for Cannabis users Image Cannabis News January 12, 2023 Cannabis is legal in Washington, but so is employment discrimination against cannabis users. A new bill in the state Senate looks to address that issue. The bill, Senate Bill 5123, was filed by state Sen. KarenContinue Reading