Day: January 10, 2023

Texas activists have turned in more than 37,000 signatures to place a measure on the San Antonio ballot in May to decriminalize marijuana, prevent the enforcement of abortion restriction laws and ban no-knock warrants. A coalition of advocacy groups—including Ground Game Texas, SA Stands and the Immigrant Legal Resource CenterContinue Reading

The time for reckoning has come. The challenges have become huge in the California cannabis market for the small craft farmers, distributors and dispensaries. This current “extinction event” is the toughest one yet, and farmers and companies are dropping like flies. The prevailing question is: Who is actually making anyContinue Reading

Connecticut’s first adult-use marijuana sales launched on Tuesday—the latest state in the region where recreational shops have started opening their doors in recent months. This development comes about a month after the state Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) notified existing medical cannabis dispensaries that obtained a hybrid license that they’dContinue Reading

Study: A quarter of people with chronic pain use Cannabis Image Cannabis News January 10, 2023 Findings come via researchers at Univ. of Michigan. With medical cannabis legal in the majority of states in the country, the number of adults who have turned to the treatment for chronic pain hasContinue Reading