Day: January 2, 2023

The Cannabis Now “40 under 40” honorees for 2022 have collectively moved the needle in some significant way in the US impacting millions of prospective consumers. Be they artists, politicians, marketers or business executives, the honorees embody their generation’s all-in approach to cannabis: There’s no time like the present. GivenContinue Reading

Responses to consumer desires, including product innovation, demands around increased environmental and social responsibility, and impressive progress in global legalization will continue to shape the cannabis landscape in 2023. Look out for these top five influential developments that just may be the buzz of the industry in the coming year.Continue Reading

Could Amsterdam’s days as a Cannabis capital be numbered? Image Cannabis News January 2, 2023 Mayor attempts ban on cannabis sales to tourists as government moves to further regulate iconic coffeeshops. On an average night in Amsterdam’s De Wallen district, the streets are packed with tourists — often on theirContinue Reading

Rising depression and anxiety have led to more Cannabis use in Florida Image Cannabis News January 2, 2023 Floridians shared that while cannabis helped them manage their mental health, it also eliminated some of the concerns associated with prescription medications. The lingering effects of the pandemic have created a riseContinue Reading

Drug-dealing executives: How potheads fell in love with LinkedIn Image Cannabis News January 2, 2023 LinkedIn is probably the last place on the internet you would look for drugs. This social network is like the web’s version of a store that only sells khaki pants, a place where Chad fromContinue Reading

Does Medical Marijuana help with type 2 diabetes? Image Cannabis News January 2, 2023 They may be caused by other factors such does medical marijuana help with type 2 diabetes as insulin resistance, an essential vision, and other health conditions. They can be identified for a new diabetes diet doesContinue Reading