Day: January 23, 2023

Cannabis use can of course heighten your senses and create space for grounding. Some also use it as a tool for connecting with the universal energy that runs through all living things. As cannabis use becomes exponentially accepted, the herb is finding a new home with other alternative holistic therapies.Continue Reading

Yet another study has found evidence that cannabis can lead to better sex, with participants reporting heightened desire, more intense orgasms and sharpened sensory perception. The paper, published Friday in the Journal of Cannabis Research, was led by Amanda Moser of East Carolina University, now a Denver-based sexologist specializing inContinue Reading

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released its finalized guidance on developing cannabis-based drugs, outlining the process and unique considerations for scientists when it comes to hemp and marijuana. The guidance—titled “Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Compounds: Quality Considerations for Clinical Research”—was announced in a notice set to be published inContinue Reading

Delta-9 Gummies: how they compare to smoked Marijuana Image Cannabis News January 23, 2023 For generations, smoking marijuana was the primary method of consuming the substance. As the plant was completely prohibited, users felt privileged to get their hands on Mexican brick weed with a low THC content. However, thingsContinue Reading

Las Vegas to get its first Cannabis-friendly hotel Image Cannabis News January 23, 2023 Artisan Hotel Boutique is being converted into The Lexi. Possibly the biggest question related to the announcement that the first cannabis-friendly hotel is coming to Las Vegas is, “What took so long?” The aptly named ElevationsContinue Reading

Georgia commission might vote this week on Medical Cannabis rules Image Cannabis News January 23, 2023 ATLANTA – Georgia’s long-delayed medical marijuana program is about to take off, despite a spate of unresolved lawsuits from companies that lost out in the bidding for licenses. The Georgia Access to Medical CannabisContinue Reading