Month: February 2023

We took a look at site data from the last year to determine where Leafly readers were searching for top seed banks. The post Top seed banks visited on Leafly in 2022 appeared first on Leafly. Read More: Top seed banks visited on Leafly in 2022Continue Reading

A Democratic congressman is circulating a sign-on letter challenging Biden Administration officials who are currently engaged in a review of marijuana’s scheduling status under the federal Controlled Substances Act to provide clear and compelling reasons for whatever decisions they reach. “To ensure accountability in your conclusions—which has been absent inContinue Reading

The North Carolina Senate gave initial approval a bill to legalize medical marijuana on Tuesday, putting it one additional procedural vote away from being sent to the House shortly after a top lawmaker there said his chamber is positioned to enact the reform this session despite blocking similar legislation lastContinue Reading

A panel of Texas lawmakers heard testimony Tuesday on a bill that would decriminalize marijuana possession, removing the risk of arrest or jail time and allowing individuals to eventually erase the matters from their criminal records. “Basically, the person is given a ticket goes to court, they’re assessed a fine,Continue Reading

Some of you may remember an ‘80s joke: “Anyone who says they can remember the ‘60s wasn’t there.” I was never so sure about that, because we always talked about “acid flashbacks.” And for sure, my most vivid memories of that time are from the acid trips I took andContinue Reading

While exploring Thailand’s rich cannabis culture, I enjoyed a blunt while riding an elephant through the jungle. The post I smoked a blunt on an elephant in Thailand appeared first on Leafly. Read More: I smoked a blunt on an elephant in ThailandContinue Reading

Buy One, Get an Airocide® Home Unit FREE Image (LEGACY) Cannabis News February 28, 2023 Body [SPONSORED CONTENT] Savings your way! Buy a select AirocleanTM 420 air purifier model, get an Airocide Home unit FREE*!! Airoclean420TM is proven to destroy airborne powdery mildew and increase crop yield. NASA used AirocleanContinue Reading

Engineers develop construction blocks made from Hemp Image Cannabis News February 28, 2023 Similar to a normal concrete block. A research team at the University of Nebraska Lincoln College of Engineering believes they discovered another “building block” to help meet the world’s construction demands and one that’s more environmentally friendly.Continue Reading