Illinois accepting applications for new Cannabis dispensary licenses Image Cannabis News January 30, 2023 CHICAGO – People wanting to get into the cannabis business have a new chance starting Monday. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is accepting applications for 55 more cannabis dispensary licenses. Those licenses willContinue Reading

Ohio bill would relax penalties for drivers with THC in System Image Cannabis News January 30, 2023 Ohio drivers are going to have to prove they weren’t high. A lawmaker in Ohio has introduced a bill that would help marijuana users in the state avoid a costly impaired driving charge.Continue Reading

Greece opens first Medical Pot production plant Image Cannabis News January 30, 2023 The plant is backed by an Israeli company. History was made in Greece with the country inaugurating its first-ever medical cannabis plant last Thursday. According to the Greek Reporter, the plant, which opened in the city ofContinue Reading

Adult-Use Marijuana businesses in Massachusetts pass $4 Billion in sales Image Cannabis News January 30, 2023 MASSACHUSETTS – Adult-use marijuana establishments in Massachusetts surpassed $4 billion in gross sales, the Cannabis Control Commission announced Friday. Data from 265 marijuana retailers and 14 delivery businesses statewide showed on Jan. 12, 2023, grossContinue Reading

Mississippi celebrates launch of Medical Cannabis sales Image Cannabis News January 30, 2023 Mississippi made history when it officially began its first day of medical cannabis sales. A few Mississippi dispensaries were ready to open to customers on Jan. 25. Mississippi Trade Association Executive Director Melvin C. Robinson stood outsideContinue Reading

Celebrities impact on Cannabis has been limited Image Cannabis News January 30, 2023 Celebrity Star Power Has So Far Had Limited Impact on Cannabis. Famous names, mixed results. Celebrities from Jay-Z to Justin Bieber are trying to make their mark on the cannabis industry with high-profile product launches and collaborations.Continue Reading

Marley goes to Hollywood in immersive exhibit’s latest stop Image Cannabis News January 30, 2023 Taking its place alongside immersive museum-style exhibits from Pink Floyd to Vincent Van Gogh, the Bob Marley One Love Experience has arrived in Los Angeles at the Ovation (formerly Hollywood & Highland). The massive complexContinue Reading

It’s been a quarter-century since California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana. Since then, cannabis has evolved significantly. The last decade in particular has seen a dramatic shift with regards to reform; most states have legalized the plant for either medicinal and/or adult use. In fact, the legalContinue Reading