In the Garden State, ‘cannabis’ is legally good, while ‘marijuana’ is legally bad. What is this, 1937? The post Why is New Jersey reviving the old ‘marijuana’ stigma? appeared first on Leafly. Read More: Why is New Jersey reviving the old ‘marijuana’ stigma?Continue Reading

An influential U.S. Senate committee on Wednesday voted to advance funding legislation and attached report language that encourages the federal government to reconsider “arbitrary” THC restrictions on hemp and continue efforts to develop a regulatory pathway for CBD products. Those provisions, among others, were approved by the Senate Appropriations CommitteeContinue Reading

Growing cannabis outdoors is the most natural way to grow your own. Your crops receive free energy from the sun, and their roots have more room to expand in the ground. This usually means plants grow bigger and stronger, with higher yields of more potent, tastier bud. That said, we’reContinue Reading