Day: January 9, 2023

New York officially kicked off its recreational cannabis industry on Dec. 29, but only one licensed dispensary is open. Delivery is set to start soon—here are the facts so far. The post What’s up with weed delivery in New York? appeared first on Leafly. Read More: What’s upContinue Reading

Is it safe to smoke cannabis if you’re wheezing and coughing? Learn more about whether weed will help or harm when you’re struck with a cold or flu. The post Should you use cannabis when you have a cold or flu? appeared first on Leafly. Read More: ShouldContinue Reading

The Democratic governor of Wisconsin says he’s “confident” that lawmakers in the state’s Republican-led legislature will produce a passable, bipartisan medical marijuana legalization bill this session, and that he’s ready to sign such a measure—as long as the majority party doesn’t come up with a “flawed” plan that’s overly restrictive.Continue Reading

New Mexico recreational Cannabis sales see record high in December Image Cannabis News January 9, 2023 The industry sold more than $352 million in 2022, bringing new revenue to hundreds of dispensary owners. Last year, 2022, marked the first calendar year with legal, recreational cannabis in New Mexico, and ourContinue Reading

Maine’s adult-use Cannabis sales nearly doubled in 2022 Image Cannabis News January 9, 2023 Legal sales of recreational marijuana soared 94% last year from 2021’s total. But the growth hasn’t always been easy, and there’s concern the market is becoming overcrowded. Recreational cannabis sales last year in Maine rang upContinue Reading

Milan ready to approve Marijuana dispensaries in city Image Cannabis News January 9, 2023 The Milan City Council approved an amendment to its marijuana ordinance at its regular meeting Tuesday. Council members voted unanimously to approve the ordinance as amended, opening the way for marijuana provisioners — medical, recreational andContinue Reading