Day: January 18, 2023

A Republican Missouri lawmaker filed a bill on Wednesday that would provide therapeutic access to psilocybin for people with serious mental health conditions. Rep. Tony Lovasco (R) introduced the legislation, which has been revised from an earlier version he worked to advance last year. It’s one of the latest examplesContinue Reading

When it comes time for TreeHawk Farms CEO Jason Olsen to determine the strain allotments for his indoor grow space, he always saves plenty of room for Magnum PI. A top seller for his Chimacum, WA-based business, Magnum PI is a citrus-heavy sativa cross of Blue Hawaiian and Agent Orange.Continue Reading

Thailand’s Cannabis bill sidelined again Image Cannabis News January 18, 2023 Only 203 MPs took part in Wednesday’s vote on Section 11 of the cannabis and hemp control bill, less than the required quorum of 216. The House of Representatives set a record on Wednesday when a meeting was adjournedContinue Reading

The Cannabis Community sees the world differently Image Cannabis News January 18, 2023 In my recent book, Marijuana on My Mind: The Science and Mystique of Cannabis, I looked beyond the objective facts about cannabis and its interactions with the brain discovered by science. I contrasted this objective perspective withContinue Reading