Day: May 24, 2023

The governor of Colorado has officially signed a bill to create a regulatory framework for legal psychedelics under a voter-approved initiative. About three weeks after the legislature passed the measure from the Senate president, Gov. Jared Polis (D) signed the legislation into law on Tuesday. Overall, the bill will set up regulationsContinue Reading

Minnesota officials are already soliciting vendors to help build a licensing system for recreational marijuana businesses—even before the governor has officially signed the legalization bill that lawmakers recently sent to his desk. In a request for proposal (RFP) posted on Wednesday, the state Department of Information Technology Services (MNIT) saidContinue Reading

A strong majority of New Hampshire residents continue to support marijuana legalization, though opinions are more mixed when it comes to the idea of conducting cannabis sales through a system state-run stores as the governor recently backed, according to a new poll. The Granite State Poll from the University ofContinue Reading

Man tricks victims into investing $9 Million in fake hemp farm Image Cannabis News May 24, 2023 A Beverly Hills man was charged Tuesday for allegedly soliciting more than $9 million from investors for a nonexistent hemp farm. The suspect, Mark Roy Anderson, 68, is a disbarred attorney who isContinue Reading

Advocates in Nebraska launch Medical Cannabis ballot campaign for 2024 Image Cannabis News May 24, 2023 Despite setbacks from past initiatives, Nebraska advocates are beginning to ramp up efforts to legalize medical cannabis once again. Advocates in Nebraska, one of the few remaining states in the U.S. that have notContinue Reading