Day: May 15, 2023

Weed legalization in Canada not linked to increase in car crashes Image Cannabis News May 15, 2023 But let’s talk about drunk driving. Neither the legalization of adult-use cannabis nor the uptick in retail sales is correlated with an increase in car accidents, NORML reports. The data comes from aContinue Reading

High potency marijuana is associated with psychosis, Colorado university researchers conclude Image Cannabis News May 15, 2023 High-potency marijuana associated with psychosis, curbs anxiety, depression. An advertising campaign by One Chance to Grow Up displays warnings from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division regarding marijuana concentrate use. Is high potency marijuanaContinue Reading

Pot acceptance is climbing even as illicit market has grown Image Cannabis News May 15, 2023 America’s on board Cannabis may face financial and regulatory malaise in the US, but that isn’t affecting the perceptions of consumers, who increasingly approve of it. A survey of nearly 4,400 US marijuana consumersContinue Reading

Cannabis is Big Business in Illinois Image Cannabis News May 15, 2023 2023 has been a banner year for Illinois’ cannabis industry (so far) and this is a market that we are excited about. During the first quarter of the year, the state sold more than $380 million of recreationalContinue Reading

Cannabis-infused pizza joint Queen Village shut down! Image Cannabis News May 15, 2023 Cannabis-infused pizza joint Queen Village shut down! Stoned Pizzeria — which operates three other locations in New York City — infuses its food with THC oils, but also purports to sell edibles and flower to customers, perContinue Reading

I missed the abrupt breeze that tends to grace these parts as I stood in line on that hot August afternoon, waiting to enter Pine Creek Lodge, a relatively intimate music venue nestled beneath the Absaroka Mountain Range in Montana’s Paradise Valley. The lack of shade didn’t stop the excitedContinue Reading