Day: May 23, 2023

A New York Senate committee has approved a bill to authorize the establishment of a state-sanctioned overdose prevention center where people could use currently illicit drugs in a medically supervised environment and receive treatment resources. The Senate Health Committee passed the harm reduction legislation from Sen. Gustavo Rivera (D) inContinue Reading

These are the must-stop legal weed shops across the state Massachusetts residents voted to legalize medical cannabis in 2012, and then adult-use in 2016. The recreational market opened in 2018 with the East Coast’s first legal dispensaries, and the market has grown rapidly since. But finding the best dispensaries inContinue Reading

Get ready to be stoked. California’s got more than 800 cannabis dispensaries carrying the best weed the world’s ever seen—purer and often cheaper than the illicit market. And here’s the crazy part—California shops have yet to even really blossom. Due to the state’s “home rule” policy, which allows local governmentsContinue Reading

Washington introduces hiring protections for Recreational users of Marijuana Image Cannabis News May 23, 2023 In 2010, Washington approved the use of recreational marijuana under Initiative 502. However, this initiative allowed employers to reject applicants who used marijuana. As such, employers could reject applicants for testing positive for marijuana despiteContinue Reading

Cannabis and migraines: here’s what the research tells us Image Cannabis News May 23, 2023 Do cannabinoids aid in migraines, and which types of migraines have been studied? Let’s take a look at existing data on migraines and cannabinoids. This research will highlight the knowledge gaps where there could beContinue Reading

Augusta could become home to a new Medical Cannabis dispensary Image Cannabis News May 23, 2023 AUGUSTA – A medical cannabis dispensary could be on the way to Augusta. A Georgia company gave the full commission a presentation last week. The president of Botanical Sciences spoke to commissioners last weekContinue Reading

Cannabis use during pregnancy raising concern about birth risks Image Cannabis News May 23, 2023 Researchers say an increase in emergency room visits and hospitalizations related to cannabis use by pregnant women is raising concerns about risks including preterm labour, low birth weight and negative effects on the baby’s developingContinue Reading

Colorado Cannabis Industry continues to face uncertainty Image Cannabis News May 23, 2023 Oversupply, lack of demand, competition with neighboring legal states, and black market sales, puts Colorado cannabis businesses in a bind. A recent report from The Denver Post analyzes the fallout of the post-pandemic cannabis industry in Colorado.Continue Reading