Day: May 12, 2023

There’s something about mixing the aroma of cannabis with the feeling (there is absolutely a feeling) of being in wine country that brought out the best of the attendees walking through the gates of the Sonoma County Fairgrounds on May 3-4 for Hall of Flowers 2023. Truth be told, IContinue Reading

A perspective from Boston University law professor Jay Wexler—a former law clerk for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the United States Supreme Court, and the author of the new Weed Rules: Blazing the Way to a Just and Joyful Marijuana Policy. It’s a Tuesday night in Boston. I’ve finished myContinue Reading

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says a committee vote on a marijuana banking bill will be scheduled “in the near future” following an initial hearing on Thursday—and he is reiterating plans to attach criminal justice reform provisions to the financial services measure. In a speech on the floor onContinue Reading

As a new poll shows strong majority support for legalization in Minnesota, bipartisan and bicameral lawmakers held their first conference committee meeting on Friday, resolving mostly modest differences between marijuana legalization bills that passed the House and Senate last month, while leaving larger distinctions on issues like tax policy for another day. Rep.Continue Reading

Should Simsbury welcome Cannabis businesses? Image Cannabis News May 12, 2023 SIMSBURY – Thomas Turner isn’t pro or anti recreational cannabis sales, he’s just pro-democracy. “I’m pro-putting it on the ballot, do it right,” the town resident said recently as he was out collecting signatures. Turner is hoping to collectContinue Reading

Cannabis company Skymint, and others battle in receivership Image Cannabis News May 12, 2023 Skymint, which primarily operates under the parent company of Green Peak Innovations Inc., remains in receivership. Lawyers entangled in the court-ordered receivership of Lansing marijuana giant Skymint continue to battle over the company’s finances. The allegedContinue Reading