Day: May 3, 2023

Consistent marijuana use is associated with improved cognition and reduced pain among cancer patients and people receiving chemotherapy, according to a new study. While cannabis produces intoxicating effects, and that initial “high” can temporarily impair cognition, patients who used marijuana products from state-licensed dispensaries over two weeks actually started reportingContinue Reading

“SB442 is a shining example of how democracy is supposed to work, and vetoing it ignores this will of over 130 legislators, numerous counties, farmers, ranchers, veteran groups, conservation groups, and thousands of other Montanans.” By Blair Miller, Daily Montanan The Montana Legislature adjourned the 2023 session on Tuesday—the 87thContinue Reading

The free-for-all in the cannabis market that has ensued since legalization in New York State two years ago has been dubbed the “Wild East.” But with authorities long threatening a crackdown, there has been a sense of waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. Now, that boot is startingContinue Reading

Medical Cannabis industry taking shape in Alabama Image Cannabis News May 3, 2023 TUSCALOOSA – The medical cannabis industry in Alabama is slowly getting off the ground with the first round of licensed growers expected to be approved by mid-summer, according to the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission. Once it’s upContinue Reading