Day: October 25, 2017

These fine outgrowths on the cannabis plant serve many purposes, including housing resin glands full of THC. Some misinformed people judge harvest time simply by the color of a plant’s stigmas, and while that is a good pre-harvest indicator, we prefer using a 20x or 100x magnification loupe to lookContinue Reading

Marijuana businesses in Washington state may have to record their business transactions manually for at least two months because the state will lack a working seed-to-sale tracking system, thanks to a delay in getting a new platform online. The Washington State Liquor and Control Board has announced that Leaf DataContinue Reading

The youngest son of late reggae star Bob Marley is the latest marijuana entrepreneur to launch a line of CBD products derived from hemp. Damian Marley’s marijuana company, California-based Stony Hill Corp., is selling CBD tinctures, gummies and topical creams under the name Stony Hill CBD, according to a newsContinue Reading

Legalization support hits a new high, and Republican support tops 51%, according to a new Gallup poll. The post A Record High 64% of Americans Say Cannabis Should be Legal appeared first on Leafly. Read More: A Record High 64% of Americans Say Cannabis Should be LegalContinue Reading

A St. Louis alderwoman has introduced a bill that would prohibit the city from enforcing marijuana laws, essentially allowing residents to use, sell, and grow cannabis. The post St. Louis Alderwoman’s Bill Would Legalize Marijuana appeared first on Leafly. Read More: St. Louis Alderwoman’s Bill Would Legalize MarijuanaContinue Reading

The New Brunswick government plans to sell recreational marijuana through a network of 20 stand-alone nonprofit stores in 15 communities that will be owned and operated by a subsidiary of the Crown corporation NB Liquor. The move effectively blocks the private sector from capitalizing on the province’s adult-use retail industry whenContinue Reading