Month: September 2017

An ex-sheriff’s former colleagues used the full power of the surveillance state to bust his hemp farm-turned-cannabis grow. Denny Peyman is the former sheriff of Jackson County, a dry county in Kentucky, where fewer than 14,000 souls live in the heart of the Daniel Boone National Forest. This September, PeymanContinue Reading

The UN’s World Health Organization committee on drug dependence is re-examining CBD, which could lead to CBD’s release from smothering international drug treaties. In their quest to free marijuana from the shackles of prohibition — and to keep the healing powers of the plant away from a pharmaceutical monopoly —Continue Reading

Maine’s recreational marijuana law underwent a rewrite by a legislative committee this week that could spell major changes for the program, including an increased tax rate and a two-year residency requirement to own a rec shop. But Maine Gov. Paul LePage hasn’t expressed much enthusiasm about adult-use marijuana, and committee membersContinue Reading

Nevada’s recreational marijuana market amassed sales of over $27 million during its first month of operation, significantly outpacing the opening month in other states where it’s legal for adult use. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the sales totals are nearly twice that of Colorado and Oregon during those twoContinue Reading