Day: October 24, 2017

Florida’s top medical marijuana regulator was “scolded” by state lawmakers on Tuesday after his office missed a mandated deadline to issue more MMJ business licenses. Christian Bax, the executive director of the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, received a tongue-lashing from state senators who are frustrated the state hadn’t issuedContinue Reading

As adult-use cannabis legalization continues to be developed in California, one county is taking a unique approach. While California local governments weed out the regulation of recreational cannabis by the state’s start of licensing Jan. 1, Placer County wants to roll out a medical research facility instead. Two weeks afterContinue Reading

By Omar Sacirbey Maine marijuana advocates expect Gov. Paul LePage to veto a recreational cannabis bill that’s laden with business opportunities. But even if the bill’s proponents can muster enough support to override a veto, legalization advocates worry the Republican governor could find other ways to delay or undermine implementation. Maine’sContinue Reading

The pungent aroma of living cannabis is something to be celebrated by many growers, but unfortunately the smell can also draw undesired attention to a garden. Here we explore some of the most popular and effective methods available. The post 5 Tips for Controlling Odor in Your Cannabis Garden appearedContinue Reading

Canadian company PharmaCielo Ltd. said it has been granted the first Colombian licenses to cultivate marijuana with unrestricted percentages of THC and CBD, creating a major opportunity for the company to grow and process medical cannabis. Until now, the Colombian government allowed cultivation of only non-psychoactive cannabis with little toContinue Reading

Residents are looking for answers as Maryland finally readies to begin serving patients through 102 planned dispensaries. The post Baltimore Preps for First Batch of Dispensaries appeared first on Leafly. Read More: Baltimore Preps for First Batch of DispensariesContinue Reading

As one Ontario Member of Parliament tries to steer industrial grow ops away from prime farmland and into rural areas, some farmers and scientists in the region question the motive of the proposal. The post Ontario Tussles Over Grow-Ops on ‘Agricultural Land’ appeared first on Leafly. Read More:Continue Reading

Hemp production is booming in Uruguay, where acreage this year has tripled. Bloomberg reported that nine companies are authorized to plant about 3,000 acres of hemp this year, up from 988 acres in 2016. Sergio Vazquez, who evaluates and monitors hemp projects as head of a technical advisory body atContinue Reading