Day: October 2, 2017

In a segment of “Adam Ruins Everything,” Adam Conover explores the history of cannabis use in the United States and why the government eventually decided it should be banned. The post Watch This: The ‘Sinister Reason’ Cannabis Is Illegal appeared first on Leafly. Read More: Watch This: TheContinue Reading

New York’s medical cannabis program has been hard-pressed to prove it’s a viable setup, and those issues apparently are continuing with prospective patients still relying on black-market MMJ. A combination of high product costs, bureaucratic red tape and the easy availability of cannabis flower on the street has added upContinue Reading

Florida’s medical marijuana regulators will miss their deadline to award five more MMJ business licenses. A statute passed in June required the state’s MMJ regulators to issue five new medical marijuana licenses by Aug. 3 and an additional five by Oct. 3. The first five were awarded on time, butContinue Reading

In animal studies, researchers found the THC precursor reduced inflammation and served as a neuroprotectant. The post THCA Shows Promise for Huntington’s Disease, Study Finds appeared first on Leafly. Read More: THCA Shows Promise for Huntington’s Disease, Study FindsContinue Reading

Bluegrass is a rich and colorful genre that invigorates the senses—especially with some cannabis at hand. Smoke and explore these five bluegrass bands. The post 5 Bold Bluegrass Albums to Listen to While High appeared first on Leafly. Read More: 5 Bold Bluegrass Albums to Listen to WhileContinue Reading

Israel is classifying medical marijuana cultivation in the same farming sector as traditional agriculture. The Agricultural Ministry’s decision means up to 20 farmers will qualify for government aid in the form of grants, water quotas and training, The Jerusalem Post reported. The reclassification of Israel’s MMJ farmers follows an AugustContinue Reading

Tilray has started supplying medical marijuana to the New Zealand market for nationwide distribution, filling the nation’s cannabis supply shortfall two weeks after its government lifted restrictions on cannabidiol. British Columbia-based Tilray’s medical marijuana will be available in pharmacies across New Zealand, the company said in a news release. The Ministry of Health’sContinue Reading