Day: February 12, 2024

Reggae and cannabis have an undeniable synergy that’s been enjoyed by music and weed lovers for generations. The laid-back rhythms and soulful melodies of reggae music elevate and enhance our sensory experiences, transporting us from ripping homemade bongs in college dorm rooms to smoking blunts of the finest Caribbean green onContinue Reading

Cannabis revs our engine inside and out. To pave your road to romantic bliss, here are 10 of the best cannabis-infused lubes coast to coast. The post 10 best cannabis lubes for Valentine’s Day and beyond 2024 appeared first on Leafly. Read More: 10 best cannabis lubes forContinue Reading

Facing the Dirty Truths of Cannabis Packaging Image Cannabis News February 12, 2024 Mission Compostable: Revolutionizing Cannabis Packaging with Sustainable Solutions. Since adult-use legalization came to California in 2016, a constant irritation is the sheer volume of single-use packaging generated under the premise that cannabis is so dangerous it mustContinue Reading

How do Cannabis users feel about legal dispensaries so far? Image Cannabis News February 12, 2024 Slow and shaky rollout of dispensaries in New York provides consumer benefit and greater accountability but comes at a price. The first time Howard scored weed, in 1967, he and a friend drove fourContinue Reading

Hemp-Derived Intoxicants Need Better Cannabis Law Guardrails Image Cannabis News February 12, 2024 Addressing the Regulatory Gap: Hemp-Derived Intoxicants Require Attention, Not Marijuana. Hemp-derived consumable products share an important trait with the state-regulated marijuana industry—both manufacture intoxicating substances that are derived from the cannabis plant. This is why it’s CannabisContinue Reading

Missouri Marijuana to Direct Nearly $20 Million to Veterans This Year Image Cannabis News February 12, 2024 To date, nearly $40 million in cannabis revenue has gone to the Missouri Veterans Commission. The Missouri Veterans Commission will likely receive about $19 million from marijuana sales revenue before the current fiscalContinue Reading