Day: February 9, 2024

Why Trad-Life Guys Are Fuming About Legal Weed Image Cannabis News February 9, 2024 Religious Culture Warriors Denounce Cannabis as Federal Ban Speculation Swirls. Amid speculation that the Biden administration could finally lift the federal ban on cannabis, religious culture warriors have denounced the drug. A MAJORITY OF states haveContinue Reading

Michigan’s Cannabis industry turns 5 this year, what to expect? Image Cannabis News February 9, 2024 Six Predictions for Michigan’s Cannabis Industry in 2024. Michigan’s cannabis industry sold $3 billion in both recreational and medical marijuana in 2023, making the state the second biggest cannabis market in the U.S. behindContinue Reading

Will Gov. Shapiro’s budding plans to legalize Marijuana in Pa. get skunked? Image Cannabis News February 9, 2024 Pennsylvania’s Push for Marijuana Legalization Gains Momentum Amid Budget Talks. Pennsylvania’s hopes for marijuana legalization reached new highs after Gov. Josh Shapiro’s budget address Tuesday, when he said adults should be allowedContinue Reading

Iowa Lawmakers Approve Bill To Regulate Consumable Hemp Products Image Cannabis News February 9, 2024 An Iowa legislative subcommittee has advanced a bill to regulate consumable hemp products sold in the state. An Iowa legislative panel this week approved a bill that sets limits on consumable hemp products sold inContinue Reading

Town approves Connecticut’s first drive-thru dispensary Image Cannabis News February 9, 2024 A new cannabis dispensary approved in a Connecticut town will be the first of its kind in the state. The Manchester Planning and Zoning Commission approved a proposal by Ayr Wellness to open the town’s third dispensary atContinue Reading

Why Cannabis regulation makes sense Image Cannabis News February 9, 2024 Advocating for Cannabis Legalization: A Call for Sensible Drug Policy. Much has been written and said in recent weeks about efforts to decriminalise, legalise and regulate cannabis in many jurisdictions around the world – efforts that I have longContinue Reading

Super Bowl celebrations spark spike in Cannabis promotions Image Cannabis News February 9, 2024 Openly incorporating cannabis into celebratory occasions will continue to grow. As the big game approaches, a trend is emerging that probably still somehow has something to do with Taylor Swift: an increase in cannabis consumption, especiallyContinue Reading

This Sunday’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas—a rematch of football’s biggest game from four years ago, pitting the defending world champion Kansas City Chiefs taking on the San Francisco 49ers—is seemingly headed to be a sure-fire classic.  If they win, the Chiefs, Taylor Swift’s favorite team (her boyfriend, Travis Kelce,Continue Reading