Day: September 9, 2021

An Ohio nonprofit organization providing services for formerly incarcerated people has teamed up with a medical marijuana cultivator to develop a cannabis jobs training program for individuals with past  marijuana convictions. Dubbed URC Grows, the collaboration between United Returning Citizens and Youngstown, Ohio licensed growing operation Riviera Creek Holdings LLCContinue Reading

Thinking of switching your grow lights to LED? Find out why you should consider upgrading from HPS to an LED solution right for your grow. The post It’s time to upgrade your grow lights to LED appeared first on Leafly. Read More: It’s time to upgrade your growContinue Reading

Kevin Kuethe went through childhood thinking he’d be a fitness trainer or a professional athlete. He landed in cannabis instead, but his upbeat personality and cheek-to-cheek smile suggests he found his true calling. Kuethe, 36, is part of an executive team that oversees 870 employees across 22 retail stores, 50Continue Reading