Day: September 7, 2021

Cannabis and tarot are a powerful duo and these plant-inspired decks are a weed witch’s dream. The post Weed-inspired tarot decks you need in your life appeared first on Leafly. Read More: Weed-inspired tarot decks you need in your lifeContinue Reading

Youth marijuana use does not increase after states enact legalization for medical or recreational use, researchers concluded in a study published in a prominent scientific journal on Tuesday. The policy change instead has an overall impact on adolescent cannabis consumption that is “statistically indistinguishable from zero,” they found. In fact,Continue Reading

As the looming climate crisis becomes an ever-growing concern, companies around the globe are making more of an effort to help. In the world of sustainable medicinal cannabis, Khiron is at the forefront of this crusade.  Khiron is a patient-oriented cannabis brand that relies on education, product innovation, agricultural infrastructure, andContinue Reading