LOWD CEO Jesce Horton talks to Leafly about resilience, growing in Oregon, and innovation in the weed industry. The post Q&A with Jesce Horton: CEO, cultivator, innovator appeared first on Leafly. Read More: Q&A with Jesce Horton: CEO, cultivator, innovatorContinue Reading

The commissioner of Mississippi’s Agriculture and Commerce department really doesn’t want to be responsible for overseeing a medical marijuana program—and he reiterated as much in a letter to lawmakers on Thursday. Commissioner Andy Gipson (R) says that as long as cannabis remains federally illegal, he has no interest in havingContinue Reading

Arguing over which strains of cannabis are the best is a time-honored tradition. In good company and armed with some basic knowledge on the seemingly endless bounty of cannabis varietals now available, the quest to defend your chosen strain as the best of the bunch is often a largely subjectiveContinue Reading