Boveda has been committed to protecting your passions for over 25 years with its unique two-way humidity control packets. Cannabis and cigar aficionados alike trust that the world’s most iconic little brown packet will control humidity and keep valuable smokables in premium condition.  Sean Knutsen, President and CEO of Boveda,Continue Reading

Congressional researchers say that there’s a “growing gulf” between federal and state drug laws as states have started to pursue psychedelics reform, expanding the policy gap that already exists as it relates to marijuana. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) released a comprehensive report last week on the federal Controlled SubstanceContinue Reading

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Treez’s Survival guide for retail Cannabis business owners Image Cannabis News January 27, 2023 With greater competition and the downturn in the market, cannabis operators are worrying about the bottom line, efficiency, and loss prevention. Whereas earlier growth induced a lot of weight in inefficiencies, cannabis companies are all aboutContinue Reading