Day: September 5, 2022

Georgia lawmakers discussed the therapeutic potential of psychedelics like psilocybin for serious mental health conditions at a hearing focused on military veterans last week. Experts and people with personal experience with psychedelic treatment testified before the House Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee, sharing information about emerging research into the medicalContinue Reading

The Republican gubernatorial nominee in Minnesota says he thinks the state should consider decriminalizing “trivial amounts” of marijuana and expunging prior records, and he wants broader cannabis legalization to be decided by voters at the ballot. Scott Jensen, a former GOP state senator who previously sponsored a bipartisan legalization bill,Continue Reading

A congressman sponsoring a bipartisan marijuana research bill displayed a package of THC-infused gummies from a California dispensary on Wednesday, underscoring the unique challenges that scientists interested in studying cannabis face under federal prohibition. While Rep. Scott Peters (D-CA) was easily able to obtain the marijuana product from a state-legalContinue Reading