Month: November 2019

Aurora’s products are temporarily unavailable in Germany pending a review by health authorities of “a proprietary step” in the Alberta company’s production process, a spokesperson confirmed to Marijuana Business Daily. MJBizDaily corroborated the products’ unavailability with several German pharmacies “until further notice.” According to the pharmacies, the reason is relatedContinue Reading

The Ontario Cannabis Store backtracked on a Black Friday promotion this week after “consulting” with Health Canada, highlighting the limitations facing adult-use marijuana retailers – even ones owned by the government – in getting their message out. In a Tweet earlier this week, the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) said “something big” wasContinue Reading

A wave of vaping-related pulmonary illness is shaking up America. The first reported illnesses first broke out over the summer and have now killed dozens and sickened thousands across the country. Researchers have linked the illnesses to chemicals additives in both tobacco and cannabis vapes purchased on the illicit market.Continue Reading

Trimming and curing marijuana are two crucial steps in the final stages of getting flower to market. All of the time and effort a marijuana cultivation company spends caring for its plants could be for naught if there’s a poor trim or cure. Proper trimming, curing are key to creatingContinue Reading