Month: December 2018

A union official told the New York Post that labor hopes to unionize “many thousands of workers” if the state legalizes recreational cannabis – a move that could affect firms trying to break into the market. “I think there are mixed feelings over unionized labor similar to any other industry,” cannabisContinue Reading

A new law goes into effect Jan. 1 in Illinois requiring certifications for certain medical marijuana employees. The law, Senate Bill 1707, mandates: Workers in cultivation facilities be certified as medical cannabis cultivation center agents. Workers in dispensaries be certified as a medical cannabis dispensing organization agents. In addition, theContinue Reading

There is a growing understanding that the cannabis flower contains a bouquet of natural chemicals that act in combination to produce an altered state of consciousness unique to each strain, often called the “entourage effect.” In addition to cannabinoids, this chemical mix includes terpenes, the organic compounds that give eachContinue Reading

Massachusetts dispensaries rang up $9.3 million in recreational marijuana sales during the first four weeks of operation, an impressive feat considering only two stores were selling adult-use cannabis during the bulk of this period. Compared with the first month of rec sales in other states, Massachusetts had lower gross salesContinue Reading

Prison is not a happy or good place and too many Americans live there. This is not a particularly strong take, nor is it an original observation. It is significant, however, that enough American lawmakers who identify (and vote) as conservative have adopted enough of this reasonable worldview for CongressContinue Reading