Month: September 2018

These days, it seems like everyone wants in on the green rush. Enticed by the prospects of a multi-billion-dollar industry, professionals from finance, pharmaceutical companies and even law enforcement are fighting for their corner of the marijuana market. Who would’ve imagined that former Republican House Speaker John Boehner would findContinue Reading

Growing cannabis presents cultivators with a unique set of challenges — and it’s not just temperamental plants. Powerful lighting used to grow cannabis indoors aims to mimic the sun, often causing headaches, migraines, fatigue and safety problems for growers. On top of that, different indoor grow setups have different lightContinue Reading

The cannabis industry has plenty of employment opportunities available that the average cannabis user often dreams about getting in hopes that they can smoke copious amounts of marijuana while collecting a paycheck. But sadly, most bud trimmers and budtenders aren’t exactly allowed to get red-eyed and ripped on the clock.Continue Reading

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation this week that will set up a state-run program aimed at widening participation among minorities and economically disadvantaged individuals in the marijuana industry, either as business owners or employees. Senate Bill 1294, sponsored by Sen. Steven Bradford, a Democrat from Gardena, will set upContinue Reading

In the latest issue of Marijuana Business Magazine, we went behind the scenes in some of the most innovative spaces in the marijuana and hemp industries. Click through this slideshow to see more photos from our visit to the Kazmira CBD company, a cannabis-trimming robot from Bloom Automation and an organicContinue Reading