Month: October 2020

Let’s face it: 2020 has been brutal. A global pandemic. An economic recession. And a hyper-partisan presidential election. Even for the cannabis industry—with its history of federal raids, draconian regulations, counterfeiters and more—2020 posed challenges like no other. Most of the trials from the past year are attributable to theContinue Reading

Company: Siren Cannabis  |  Location: Portland, Oregon  |  Sector: Cultivation You might question the wisdom of Matt and Meghan Walstatter’s decision to leave Portland’s crowded dispensary scene to start a cultivation site in Oregon’s saturated market. The husband and wife team opened Pure Green in January 2014, when there wasContinue Reading

Company: Evermore Cannabis Co.  |  Location: Pikesville, Maryland  |  Sector: Vertically integrated company Maryland is among a growing number of Eastern states that hold much promise but still face the challenges of being a medical-only opportunity, where a relatively large number of marijuana businesses are competing for a limited patientContinue Reading

Company: Wyld  |  Location: Portland, Oregon  |  Sector: Edibles Launched in 2016 by the founders of a craft distillery, Portland edibles maker Wyld has clawed its way to the top of Headset’s sales rankings, leading older rivals such as Kiva Confections in California and Wana Brands in Colorado. Next year,Continue Reading

Company: Med Pharm  |  Location: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma  |  Sector: Retail Denise Mink admits she and her husband knew little about the cannabis industry when they opened Med Pharm dispensary in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, in December 2018. “What we didn’t know is shocking actually,” Mink conceded. “We had to learnContinue Reading

Company: Trulieve  |  Location: Tallahassee, Florida  |  Sector: Vertically integrated MSO In the four years since Kim Rivers founded Trulieve, the cannabis company has gone from 10 employees who filled vape cartridges to a 4,000-employee behemoth dominating the Florida market and operating in California, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Trulieve has hiredContinue Reading

Company: Elev8  |  Location: Eugene, Oregon, with operations in MA  |  Sector: Retailer When Seun Adedeji had to close Elev8, his first marijuana store in Eugene, Oregon, after about a year in business, he didn’t quit. Instead, he took the lessons learned from that first experience and started again. ThoseContinue Reading

Company: CannaCraft  |  Location: Santa Rosa, California  |  Sector: Manufacturing and cultivation Despite leading California’s marijuana market in the vape and beverage categories—and being among the top 10 sellers of topicals, according to Headset—CannaCraft is reluctant to paint too rosy of a picture. “It’s certainly not been a hockey stickContinue Reading

The complexity and cost of obtaining cannabis licenses has many brands turning to white-label branding. White labeling, a practice common among mainstream businesses, is when a product is produced by one company but packaged and branded to make it appear as if another company made it. For example, many productsContinue Reading