Tallahassee.comFlorida's marijuana grow seizures downTallahassee.comIndoor marijuana grow operations accounted for the majority of plants seized in Florida last year. Last year's seizures –18, 505 plants worth $55.6 million – came from 328 indoor and outdoor grow operations across Florida. The joint operation, the … Read More: Florida's marijuana grow seizuresContinue Reading

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On Friday the 18th of March 2016 the renowned drug activist Joep Oomen unexpectedly passed away in his house in Antwerp. The cannabis community lost an icon who will be sorely missed. Oomen was co-founder of several advocacy groups including Encod, Cannabis Social Club ‘Trekt Uw Plant’ in Antwerp and theContinue Reading

Farmers prepare to embrace cannabis as the next commodityKBIAWhile Gov. John Hickenlooper reluctantly took up the mantle of legalized cannabis, the state's leaders are beginning to embrace it. Take for example, the 2016 Governor's Forum on Agriculture, held in Denver. A typical farm conference, farmers in denim … Read More:Continue Reading

For our first story of 2016, Cannabis News Network aims the spotlight on Medicinal Cannabis as a Human Right. Check out some of the subjects we will be covering below. WATCH PART 1 HIV patient can grow his own medicinal cannabis, judge rules Cannabis is the only thing that works toContinue Reading

AMSTERDAM, FEBRUARY 10 – In an historic turn of events, medicinal cannabis patient Rudolf Hillebrand can continue to grow his own, a Dutch judge ruled earlier today. Cannabis is the only thing that works to reduce Hillenbrand’s nausea, induced by the plentiful amount of HIV medication provided. On average, HillenbrandContinue Reading

What a view… For our holiday special to be released this weekend, we traveled to India for a unique journey. A quest, to seek out why cannabis is considered a sacred plant and how it has been used, spiritually and medicinally. Our story starts in Rishikesh, a spiritual hot spotContinue Reading