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Designed for a higher function, ReCreate’s cannabis-infused products contain optimal levels of full spectrum CBD, fast-acting THC, and functional botanicals.  Intended to become a life-enhancing part of your daily routine, ReCreate offers a variety of precise formulas that deliver consistent and repeatable effects including: Everyday, Energy, Focus, Immunity, Recovery, Relax, Relief and Sleep.  Their newContinue Reading

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Green Gone Detox is the first company to work with pharmacists to develop detox products with completely natural ingredients. Instead of relying on masking agents like other detox products on the market, Green Gone’s detox pills work by utilizing five natural herbal supplements that speed up your body’s own organic metaboliteContinue Reading

Omura is a unique vaping experience utilizing a new approach to Heat-Not-Burn technology that makes dry cannabis flower consumption more convenient and approachable for both experienced and new users. The sleek, easy-to-use vapes come with biodegradable Flowersticks – pre-loaded and precisely dosed joint-shaped tubes that fit into the vaporizer. PrecisionContinue Reading