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Throughout history, professional athletes have been punished by teams, leagues and the law for cannabis consumption. Several high-profile examples are listed below, showcasing just how serious such actions were viewed within the world of professional sports. 2004: Running back Ricky Williams is suspended from the National Football League for 4Continue Reading

Advertising can be challenging for cannabis companies trying to navigate the ever-changing world of regulations about what they can say and display. For example, California recently updated its guidance on billboard advertising near freeways, and many mainstream platforms won’t allow companies to show cannabis consumption in ads. With so manyContinue Reading

When it comes to growing cannabis or any other crop, nothing beats the efficiency of the sun.  Natural sunlight is free and plentiful, and plants respond to it with lush and healthy growth. However, the sun isn’t perfect. The intensity of sunlight fluctuates seasonally, and even during the course of theContinue Reading

Harborside, a California cannabis dispensary, appealed the Tax Court’s decision of tax deficiencies totaling over $29 million dollars for the periods between 2007 through 2012. Harborside’s tax liability stems from the IRS’s denial of deductions under IRC §280E and the disallowances of cost of goods sold reported on Harborside’s taxContinue Reading

The dabbing lifestyle is hot — literally. Blasting a banger with a blowtorch until it has reached several hundred degrees and letting it cool down just enough to vaporize your cannabis concentrates may offer quite the hit, but it has its setbacks.  Being forced to meddle with the torch canContinue Reading

This holiday season is undoubtedly different looking. But different doesn’t have to mean bad. With smaller gatherings taking place this year, now might be the perfect time to test out new holiday recipes and add some creative cannabis infusions for your close-knit guest list.  Sharing recipes, cooking together, and servingContinue Reading