Nick Diaz

Throughout history, professional athletes have been punished by teams, leagues and the law for cannabis consumption. Several high-profile examples are listed below, showcasing just how serious such actions were viewed within the world of professional sports. 2004: Running back Ricky Williams is suspended from the National Football League for 4Continue Reading

For over a decade, the brothers Nick and Nate Diaz have been the MMA’s most famous weed-friendly family inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship. They’ve had suspensions and vaping press conferences, and over the course of their careers, they’ve helped push the UFC into a more cannabinoid-friendly position. Now that NateContinue Reading

Cannabis progress continues in Florida with professional MMA fighters, the newest beneficiaries of the state’s rapidly changing views on medical marijuana and CBD. According to reports from journalist Steven Marrocco of MMAJunkie, the UFC’s Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky told him The Florida State Boxing Commission willContinue Reading