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New Mexico and New York are next in line, but Pennsylvania is moving fast. The post These states could legalize cannabis next in 2021 appeared first on Leafly. Read More: These states could legalize cannabis next in 2021Continue Reading

New Mexico’s leading medical cannabis company is trying to compel a court to force state regulators to increase the marijuana plant-count limit, claiming the restriction has resulted in a crisis of insufficient supply and high prices in the rapidly growing market. The lawsuit was brought by Ultra Health, which hasContinue Reading

Just slightly better than a coin toss! Yikes. That’s how well Leafly News predicted the future, as written in 2020. For obvious reasons, everyone’s best-laid plans got swept into history’s junk drawer—next to lawn darts, and those Easter Island statues. Our most accurate 2020 predictions were both pessimistic and optimistic.Continue Reading

Recreational marijuana legalization victories at the ballot box in Arizona and New Jersey this month have set the table for adult-use legalization in a handful of nearby states in 2021 – with more than $6 billion in business opportunities possibly up for grabs within a few years. $6 billion question:Continue Reading

New Mexico medical marijuana providers can claim a tax deduction for prescription medical marijuana, the state’s Court of Appeals ruled, providing dispensary owners with a potential tax break that is unavailable in other states. Depending on the medical marijuana producer, tax claims could “carry a multimillion-dollar price tag for the stateContinue Reading