Cannabis and sports

Throughout history, professional athletes have been punished by teams, leagues and the law for cannabis consumption. Several high-profile examples are listed below, showcasing just how serious such actions were viewed within the world of professional sports. 2004: Running back Ricky Williams is suspended from the National Football League for 4Continue Reading

With 10 states and the District of Columbia having legal marijuana on the books, and many more selling it for medical purposes, there has never been a better time for baseball fans to puff tough and sit down for four and a half innings until the next rotation. Many ofContinue Reading

On Tuesday, the National Basketball Association’s Adam Silver went on the Bleacher Report’s “The Full 48” podcast and suggested the league might soon be making changes to its cannabis policy. This disclosure happened during a long conversation that might be the most in-depth public cannabis discussion had by a commissionerContinue Reading