When Grenco Science, makers of G Pen, launched the original Dash dry herb vaporizer in 2020, the small but mighty device became an instant bestseller for newcomers to the cannabis scene. Never one to sit still, the company has followed up with the recently released Dash+, a new and improved iteration of its predecessor that’s enhanced with a level of technology far beyond its price point. 

With a focus on form and function, the Dash+ is a top-tier choice for cannabis lovers seeking a stylish vape that they can count on for smooth, flavorful and powerful hits. 

“At the heart of our mission is a relentless pursuit of excellence,” says Grenco Science founder and CEO Christopher Folkerts. “With Dash+, we have harnessed the power of our iconic Dash design and combined it with the groundbreaking features of our flagship Elite II, creating a truly remarkable cannabis vaporizer. This device showcases the perfect harmony of conduction and convection heating, ensuring unparalleled flavor and vapor production from your favorite dry herb.”

Here are five reasons why the Dash+ should be your next purchase if you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated high-performance flower vape.

Sleek Design 

Let’s start with the first impressions. G Pen products are arguably some of the most covetable devices on the market—and the Dash+ is no exception. It stays true to that sleek aesthetic synonymous with G Pen products. As I took the Dash+ out of the box, I immediately noticed how nice it felt in my hand— a smooth surface clearly designed with ergonomics in mind. The device felt suitably weighty, and the size seems reassuringly ample for a personal dry herb vape.

Premium Materials

As a G Pen product, we already know that the Dash+ features intelligent design and cutting-edge features. The compact, lightweight and durable device has a Zinc-Alloy body that combines portability with sturdiness, making it an ideal companion for busy, on-the-go consumers. 

Adding a magnetic mouthpiece to the Dash+ was an excellent decision, as it seals the chamber closed to enhance the experience. Inside, the Titanium heating chamber is the heart of this vaporizer, delivering rapid and efficient heating for a consistently satisfying vaping session, while a spiral ceramic air path ensures a smoother and purer vapor delivery. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

One of the most impressive things about the new Dash+ is a full-color LCD display that provides real-time temperature and session information, keeping you informed and in control. Whether enjoying a quick hit or an extended sesh, the Dash+ offers session mode and automatic shut-off features for added convenience. Plus, it’s all about user experience with haptic feedback, ensuring you’re always in sync with your device. 

To access the settings menu, click the power button five times. You can alter your session timer, toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, edit the haptic feedback settings and adjust brightness.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being caught out with a flat battery. G Pen knows this too, so they’ve added a battery icon in the top-right corner of the device’s screen, which clearly indicates its remaining battery life. When fully charged, the 1800mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery can sustain up to 40 minutes of heating time and uses a USB-C charging cable.

The Dash+ vape has been designed with precision and performance in mind. It offers a broad temperature range from 320F to 420F, which allows users to fine-tune their vaping experience according to their own individual preferences. The lower the temperature, the more terps you’ll taste; the higher the temperature, the more vapor clouds. In the name of science, experiment with a few different temperature settings to find your sweet spot.

Another cool feature is the countdown timer. Once the vape reaches the set temperature, a three-minute countdown begins, visible in the LCD screen’s top left-hand corner.

High Performance

The Dash+ features a powerful hybrid heating system of conduction and convection, which ensures an even, efficient heating process and delivers a potent one-two hit of flavor and vapor production. A spiral ceramic air path and a titanium heating chamber work together to unlock the full potential of your favorite herb and provide an unmatched experience.

Easy to Use

I found the Dash+ simple to use, and the instructions were easy to follow in the supplied manual. G Pen has even conveniently added a QR code to the inside of the device’s box, which takes you straight to the Grenco website, where the same instructions can be found. The usability breaks down like this:

  1. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece, load the chamber with ground flower and reconnect the mouthpiece
  2. Power on the Dash+ by pressing the button for four seconds
  3. Select your preferred temperature using the (+) and (-) buttons. 
  4. Double-click the device to start heating up. When it reaches your preferred temperature, the Dash+ will indicate it’s ready by gently vibrating.
  5. Puff, puff, enjoy. To power off the Dash+, simply hold down the main button for two seconds. When it’s time to reuse, the handy supplied tool effectively empties the chamber, ready for your next round.

The Dash+ is the epitome of modern vaping technology, offering a customizable, user-friendly experience that delivers both style and substance. Overall, the device is one of the best—if not the best—personal dry herb vape I’ve tried. Do yourself a solid and pick one up.

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