Day: March 17, 2023

Break out the Lucky Charms, salute your shamrock and sing classic folk songs about the “aul country” while wiping away a tear—St. Patrick’s Day is here. If you’re not au fait with the meaning behind the March 17 holiday, here’s a quick Cliff’s Notes version. The day commemorates the famedContinue Reading

Consumers and businesses need better regulation of Cannabinoids Image Cannabis News March 17, 2023 Attorneys Pamela Epstein of Terpene Belt and Andrew Kline of Perkins Coie call on Congress to modernize the 2023 Farm Bill to regulate all intoxicating cannabinoids and protect the safety of businesses and consumers. Our democracyContinue Reading

New Jersey cultivation cap expired but real estate issues remain Image Cannabis News March 17, 2023 Although the limit on cannabis cultivation licenses was lifted in New Jersey last month, real estate challenges continue to hinder the industry’s growth. New Jersey’s cannabis legalization law initially went into effect in 2021Continue Reading

When grandma uses Medical Cannabis, who pays? Image Cannabis News March 17, 2023 Many older adults are using medical marijuana to treat a variety of conditions, but experts say that conflicting laws, unclear safety standards and complicated rulemaking processes mean it could be years before Medicare may cover the drug.Continue Reading

How is recreational Marijuana impacting supply in Missouri? Image Cannabis News March 17, 2023 As the cannabis industry continues to flourish in Missouri, supply issues for dispensaries have become a hot topic in media recently. Several reports on local television and in traditional newspapers from larger markets have reported inContinue Reading

California’s Cannabis equity grants reek of hypocrisy Image Cannabis News March 17, 2023 I am sure the underserved communities are looking forward to this for equality. Re “San Diego awarded $880K cannabis equity grant to boost industry access” (March 2): Our caring state of California has awarded $20 million grantsContinue Reading

Cannabis expungement law takes effect in DC Image Cannabis News March 17, 2023 Residents of Washington, D.C. can now take steps to have marijuana-related convictions expunged from their record, thanks to a new law that took effect last week. The measure that was approved by the Council of the DistrictContinue Reading