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Cannabis topicals are having a moment. From A-list celebrities using Lord Jones balms to soothe aching feet at the Golden Globes to professional athletes debuting their own line of muscle rub, transdermal products infused with cannabinoids seem to be everywhere. But it isn’t just millennials and the Hollywood elite jumpingContinue Reading

Instead of acting as a gateway drug, cannabis is proving to be an effective exit strategy for people suffering from opioid addiction. Since the days of “Reefer Madness” – when marijuana was commonly referred to as “The Real Public Enemy Number One” – opponents of cannabis use have tried toContinue Reading

The “cannabis leads to harder narcotics” argument gets trotted out whenever efforts to normalize cannabis are underway. So let’s settle it once and for all: Is cannabis a “gateway drug”? The post Is Cannabis a ‘Gateway Drug’? appeared first on Leafly. Read More: Is Cannabis a ‘Gateway Drug’?Continue Reading

It would be unfair to say Joe Biden, the former vice president whose legacy bid for the Democratic presidential nomination is wheezing in stasis, a worthless and retrograde reanimated mummy with ideas staler than decades-old Corn Pops. Even very old cereal still has caloric value. At a campaign event inContinue Reading

By now, cannabis’s value as a pain reliever is almost universally accepted. Even those of us whose plans for personal and professional development are to become an eleventh-hour legalization contrarian must admit that marijuana is good for pain. Declaring otherwise would be to contradict both the National Academies of Science, Engineering andContinue Reading